Workshop and Conference Series

MKGD-ZMSBw Workshop and Conference Series


The annual face-to-face workshops/conference of the Research Network on Military, War and Gender/Diversity (MKGD) are intended to promote the networking of researchers in German-speaking, European and other international countries. They provide a place for exchange on important topics of interdisciplinary gender research on military, war and violence. Doctoral students will be involved as speakers and co-discussants, as well as experienced national and international scholars. The languages of presentation and discussion will be English.

The one-and-a-half-day to two-day thematic workshops/conferences are organized together with experts from the MKGD research network. One internationally renowned scholars will be invited to give keynote speech in advance. The remaining contributions will be solicited through proposals from cooperation partners of the MKGD research network and a call for papers. The contributions should not be longer than 20 minutes.

  • The first conference is planned for January 30 and 31, 2025 and will take place at the Bundeswehr Center for Military History and Social Sciences (ZMSBw) in Potsdam. The topic is Gender and Violence in Colonial Wars, Colonial Rule and Anti-colonial Liberation Struggles.
  • The second conference is scheduled for January 2026 on Masculinity, the Military and Violence in Transition.
  • The third conference is planned for January 2027 on the topic of Sexuality and Sexual Violence in the Military and War.
  • The fourth conference is planned for January or September 2028 on the topic of  Violence, Gender and Law: Women in Armed Forces and Conflicts during and after the Cold War. 

The workshops/conferences are organized in cooperation with the  Bundeswehr Centre for Military History and Social Sciences  (ZMSBw) and other cooperation partners in the MKGD research network. The ZMSBw generously supports the organization of the workshops and covers part of the costs.



Prof. Dr. Isabelle Deflers
Professor of Early Modern History at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Department of History

Prof. Dr. Karen Hagemann
James G. Kenan Distinguished Professor of History and Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of History

In cooperation with the Bundeswehr Center for Military History and Social Sciences  (ZMSBw):

Senior Scientist and Head of the Research Department of the Bundeswehr Center for Military History and Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Dr. Alaric Searle

and other scholars from the MKGD research network.

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